Services & Prices
Nordic Light provides comprehensive event photography services and a range of forms with which to preserve and share  the images from the event.

Planning & Proposal
The process starts with conversation regarding the event and people you would like us to cover.  What is the purpose and main themes of the event?  Who will  be there and what are their key relationships to one another?  What is the physical setting?  How long is the event and what part of it would you like covered?

Then we will discuss the products you would like to have created from the images.  Some of the alternatives are noted below.

From this information, will plan the project and provide you with a proposal summary of the work do be done, the products to be produced, timing and pricing.

Event Photography
You will be asked to arrange for access to the event site a little before the start of the event to allow for some setup time and scouting locations and camera angles.  If possible, introduce me to the key people we discussed.  During the event, I'll conduct the candid and planned posed photography in accordance with the plan we developed (plus reacting to surprises - there are ALWAYS surprises!). 

Image Editing and Client Selection
After the event, Nordic Light prepares the digital files for the images from the event and posts them to a private website for your review.  You can select which images you would like to use in the planned project products and decide which to eliminate or edit.  Once you are done, you will be able to share the selections online with event participants and I will use the appropriate selections to create the products you specified.

Creative Products 
There are a wide range of outputs that can be created from the images of the event.  You may specify one or many.  One of the advantages of our high resolution digital workflow is that images can be repurposed and optimized for many applications. 

Here are some of the choices:

For personal events:

  • Archival quality prints - in a variety of sizes and finishes that you can choose online once the images are posted.  The service we use produces the highest quality color managed prints.  And you have the convenience of ordering directly, at your convenience, without contacting Nordic Light each time.
  • Traditional album formats
  • Beautifully bound coffee table books - custom designed for your event and protected by a hard slipcase with hot silver stamped title engraving.  Alternatively, you can specify soft cover editions at a lower cost.
  • Photo greeting cards - great for thank you notes to participants
  • Fine art cards - great for gifts or personal notes
  • Animated slideshows - available online or on DVD
  • Web gallery - attach it to your personal website, if you have one.  (We can help you set one up, if you would like to have one but don't!)

For business events:

  • All of the products listed above, plus...
  • Full website or sub-site development to promote your business or activity on the web.
  • Image usage rights and high resolution digital files to enable you to repurpose images for business communications like brochures, reports, business cards, outreach letters, etc.

Every project is a different combination of products and services that we custom plan to meet the needs of your project.  So there are not any "set" or packaged prices.  However, to give you some sense of a starting point, here are some ranges:

  • Event Photography Fees - start at $150 and vary from there depending on the complexity of the project and the time needed to cover the event.  This fee is part of every project.

 The remainder of the cost depends on the products you would like us to produce or that you order online.  For instance:

  • Print Costs - high quality prints range from about $5.00 - 55.00, depending on size.
  • Coffee Table Books - can range from as low as $35 for a small softcover book with 20 images to over $380 for a large hardcover book with 80 images and custom printed slipcase.
  • Fine art cards - range from $2.97 - 4.05 per card depending on design and card size.

Please go to the Quotes page to request an estimate for the project you have in mind.  We will work with you to balance your project goals and budget to a good solution.

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